Can a Solar Panel be Installed on An EV? In Details Guide

Solar panels are a great way to generate clean, renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), many people wonder if it’s possible to install a solar panel on an EV to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels further.

Is Data Science Really a Rising Career in 2023? (Details Guide)

Data science is a rapidly growing field that combines various skills and knowledge from computer science, statistics, and domain expertise. It involves using analytical and statistical methods to extract insights and knowledge from structured and unstructured data.

Will Artificial Intelligence Be 100% Equal to Human Intelligence?

First, Human intelligence is an uncertain and unclear dimension that is still getting explored by neuro-scientists worldwide. These are the simple questions that permanently reside in us and yet have not found manifestation in reality.


When you discuss the electric car, the first question comes to mind for everybody. How long does it take the battery to charge, and how long does it drive in km? How can we reduce the charging time of our electric cars?


Do you know what some organizations think about robotics and artificial intelligence being the same? Or thinking about robotics as a part of AI? And what’s the difference between them? Suppose you observed any technology, so you know more about technology usage and the importance of our life circle.


Do you know the electric car industry is growing daily and continuously growing But is it possible for electric cars to replace gas cars in a decade or twenty years? Will any gas vehicles be left in 20 years? New gas vehicles will likely be available by then.


5G Technology is booming because the telecom industry focuses on 5G technology. Now, 5G technology is trading, so this article discusses the most popular trends defining the telecom industry and the 5G Future of Indian Telecommunications.


Do you know that AI has Transformed the Sports Industry very rapidly? If you listen, the name of the organization OpenAI is building a new era of artificial intelligence. The sports industry has advanced rapidly in terms of technology.

High- Paying Career Opportunity in EV Industry

Recent investments made by India in the automobile industry may likewise experience a notable transition soon because it is already changing slowly. The worldwide car sector intends to make a significant transition to alternate energy sources……

Electric Powertrain for Two Wheelers

The average vehicle body provides structural integrity, whereas the electric motor concentrates on producing torque or force. The electric motor can be a brushless dc motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, etc. the batteries will power these……

In the near future, India’s recent investments will also experience an outstanding change. The cost of imported oil, increased pollution, and international obligations to halt environmental changes have all been significant throughout this time……

What is Artificial Intelligence in 2023? Types, Trends

Artificial intelligence is the capacity of a computer or robot controlled by a computer to carry out actions frequently performed by intelligent beings. As another example of AI……

10 Quick suggestions if you are owning an Electric Vehicle

The most recent development in the auto business is the electric vehicle. Electric vehicles have fewer mechanical parts to maintain, which lowers running expenses and results in comparatively low fossil fuel consumption (petrol or diesel)……

Electric vehicle (EV) sales rise even when the weather turns colder in the winter. Both customers and researchers have continually focused on how well EVs function in cold weather. Even though lower temperatures and slick terrain have an impact on all vehicles,…..

Enriching mechanical engineering education with automation and robotics

The first two industrial revolutions saw the emergence of mechanical engineering as a discipline for building, operating, and repairing machinery. Production, materials, mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and mechanical construction have all been added to the core understanding in general ….


The metaverse is an idea of an on the web, 3D, virtual space associating clients in all parts of their lives. It would associate various stages, like the web containing various sites available through a solitary program……..

How the Government is Incentivizing the EV Segment

The global Electric Vehicle (EV) market has grown significantly during the past ten years. With significant advancements in battery production capabilities, charging infrastructure, and new EV model designs, China has been the market leader in EVs…….

New UP EV policy: Check all the Incentives, Subsidies for buyers here

The new Uttar Pradesh Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy 2022 has been approved by the state’s cabinet. Through a number of incentives and subsidies, the new UP EV strategy……

Cryptocurrency has increased in size and investor appeal to support financial activities including buying, selling, and trading both in India and internationally. 7.3% of Indians owned cryptocurrencies in 2021…..

The Electric Vehicles (EV) industry has been growing quickly lately. Worldwide deals of EVs have arrived at 6.7 million. Anticipating CY2030 , worldwide deals of EVs are ……

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because they are cleaner-burning and more efficient than combustion-engine cars. But we also know that electric cars are only environmentally friendly if the electricity needed from…

Future scope of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the most mind-blowing career option of the 21st Century. It has a lot of job opportunity with high paid salary. Likewise, the future extent of ML is headed to roll out an extraordinary improvement in the realm of mechanization ….

Another age of electric vehicles is coming, and their progress (regarding reception) will rely upon new charging advances. The Worldwide Energy Organization gauges that electric vehicles will develop from…

President Biden made a bold proposal to have at least 50% of all new automobile sales be electric by 2030 public in late 2021. This entails expanding the availability of charging stations across the nation, motivating

The public authority is eager to construct electrical thruways controlled by sun steam-powered energy, that may allow charging of uncompromising  trucks and transports, to assist India’s electrical drive

Automakers across the world are moving towards eco-accommodating portability choices with Electric Vehicles (EVs). Indian firms like Tata Motors NSE – 0.31 % and Mahindra are wagering on electric vehic….

EV Revolution In India

The oil based vehicle industry stays a prevailing player in the car business, however with rising worries about non-renewable energy sources and an Earth-wide temperature boost, clean vehicles like electric vehicles are acquiring notoriety…

Electric Rickshaws- Leading India’s EV Revolution

At present we are confronting one of the hardest difficulties universally. The flare-up of the COVID 19 Corona Virus pandemic has caused incredible ………

Top 5 EVs in India with longest Driving Range and Fast Charging

While the ICE and gas vehicles have overwhelmed and impacted the vehicle space for the longest, the world is presently progressing towards eco-accommodating drive, pushing the car makers………

What is EV Powertrain | EV v/s ICE Powertrain

In order to run a vehicle, the initial requirement is a Power source that can provide power like Fuel, coal, battery, Fuel cell etc. energy conversion devices like the internal combustion engine, external combustion engine……….

Why Student Should Enroll in EV Courses ?

Specialization in Electric Vehicle Engineering | Why Student Should Enroll in EV Courses | Why Engineering Students should study it? With a rapid switch of automobile industries from ICE Vehicles to Electric Vehicles, there is a huge requirement …..

Opportunities for India’s Auto Component Industry

Rapid Globalization of world is opening new opportunities for Automotive industries, while making a shift towards Electric and hybrid vehicle which are efficient and Environmental friendly. With proliferation of EV Segment in automotive industry, the……..

Total Maintaining Cost for 5 Years – Electric Car Vs Petrol Car

Vehicles have been running on non-renewable energy sources like petroleum and diesel for as far back as century. While they really do supplement the motor impeccably, it’s not concealed to anybody that petroleum and diesel add to CO2 outflow, accordingly contaminating the climate…….

 The Impact Of Cold Weather On An Electric Vehicle Efficiency, Range And Charging

When a winter arises and temperature drops gradually, there is always a concern of electric vehicle performance in mind. Though there have been a vast research over the year …………..

OCPP: A Universal Language For Electric Vehicle Charging

The shift to more eco-friendly or electric vehicles is making the world a cleaner place. That’s because electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than do traditional gasoline-powered cars …………..

Charge-discharge Curves: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Li-ion Cells

Have you ever wondered how your battery can last so long? One of the reasons is because of the type of battery it has. Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most popular types…….

Types Of Electric Car Plugs And Cable For Charging Station Connection

Nowadays, we talk a lot about the electric vehicle (EV) and so about the challenges, difficulties, solutions, etc. There is one great difference a driver experiences while comparing internal …….

Battery Swapping | How Does It Work For EV

Now days industries focusing towards battery swapping technology as there is huge problem for charging infrastructure. As for Electric Vehicle battery switching makes sense because they ……

Shell Bets on Batteries for Ultra-Fast EV Charging

Shell will preliminary a battery-supported super quick charging framework at a Dutch filling station, with provisional designs to embrace the configuration all the more generally to ……

EV Preventive Maintenance: Why It’s Important and How To Do It

With an end goal to lessen fuel costs, broaden substitution cycles, and lower ozone harming substance emanations, a rising number of utility armadas currently work electric vehicles (EVs)…………

Building a robust ecosystem for faster adoption of EV

“Electric vehicles could seem like the vehicles of things to come, yet they are an image of the past. Trend-setters in Europe had been chipping away at battery-fueled vehicles since the 1830s…….

The most effective method to Profit can be made from EV charging stations by Leveraging White Label Solutions

EV charging stations can drive added benefits to your business, whether you are a property chief for business properties, a landowner in a complex, or on the other hand assuming that you own a retail or friendliness organization ……

RTO Rules and Regulations for Electric Scooter & Bikes in India

The Indian Government has accomplished a top process of emerging wonderful rules to make the change to EVs easier and quicker. One can expect more prominent acclimations to return with inside the near future…….

Jobs for Electrical Engineers | Scope and Career Advancement

Electrical Engineering is a part of designing which manages the investigation of the utilization of power, gadgets, and electromagnetism. Electrical specialists plan electric circuits, gear, control frameworks for different power and energy areas, equipment ………..

Do We Need Insurance for Electric Two-Wheelers?

Electric scooters and bikes are turning into a pattern, and individuals have begun tolerating them really know the way that they are adding to nature by supplanting Electric Vehicles with ICE Vehicles……

EV solid state battery distribution to get deferred by 2030


The organization of strong state batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) is set to be postponed to 2030 inferable from key specialized difficulties, as per a report. Ongoing declarations from strong state battery designers ….

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