M.Tech in

Electric Vehicle Engineering®️

About M.Tech in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️

Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️ focuses on advanced studies in electric vehicles, including design, power systems, and sustainable technologies to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in the electric mobility sector. It’s a 02 years program with 69 Credit to teach students to acquire the knowledge of designing and development of electric vehicles including their powertrain system, battery & charging technology. Students will be able to identify available renewable energy resources and techniques to utilize them effectively for pursuing research work, innovation and product development. Program is aim to provide students with wide variety of opportunities both in industry, R&D fields and entrepreneurship.

Current Partner for M.Tech in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️

Choose Your Learning Track

ISIEINDIA allows flexible learning. Choose the learning track as per your convenience, earn credits. Use the credits later to earn your M.Tech Honours.

Dedicated Career Support

Placements in top EV companies after completion of program, ISIEINDIA provides at least 3 companies for placement.

Access to job opportunities

Career coaching
& Interview Preparation

Why to start M.Tech Specialization Program in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️ with ISIEINDIA



We ensures a smooth entry into
our M. Tech program, offering
clear guidance and support for
a stress-free admission process



We aim to showcase your expertise
to relevant industry professionals. This
exposure enhances your networking
opportunities, putting your electric
mobility knowledge in the spotlight.


Hybrid Learning

Our M. Tech program combines online
flexibility with hands-on weekend live
classes, catering to diverse learning styles
for a comprehensive education.


Weekend Live Classes

Engage in interactive weekend live
classes led by industry experts at ISIEINDIA,
deepening your knowledge in electric
vehicle design and sustainable technologies.


Hands of Project at ISIE-COE EV Lab

Undertaking projects at COE-ISIE allows
you to apply theoretical knowledge in
practical settings, fostering a hands-on
approach to learning and preparing you
for real-world challenges in the EV sector.


Certification from ASDC & NSDC

Partnerships for recognized
certifications, boosting employability
with industry credentials, and commitment
to national skill development standards
for comprehensive education.

Placement Highlights

Our Alumini Working At