B.Tech Specialization in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️

For Universities and Autonomous Institute

For M.E / Automobile / E.E.E / E.C.E / C.S.E

About B.Tech in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️

B. Tech Specialization Program in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️ is a Minor/Major Program designed by the Industry Professionals and is currently incorporate with B. Tech Mechanical, Automobile, Mechatronics, Electrical, Electronics, Communication and IT departments. This specialization equips learners to contribute to the rapidly evolving field of electric vehicles, addressing challenges in design, energy storage, and environmental impact. This Specializing in Electric Vehicle Technology within a B. Tech program can provide you with in-depth knowledge of electric propulsion systems, battery technologies, and sustainable transportation.

We at ISIEINDIA currently offering B. Tech Specialization Program as Credit & Non-Credit Based. Whereas we are having minor Specialization with 18 Credit and Honors Program with 36 Credit.

Current Partner for B.Tech Specilization in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️

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ISIEINDIA allows flexible learning. Choose the curriculum as per your convenience.


Why to start B.Tech Specialization Program in Electric Vehicle Engineering®️ with ISIEINDIA


Industry Aligned Curriculum

Dynamic curriculum in collaboration
with experts, focusing on vital skills
for today's job market, regularly
updated to match industry trends.


Industry Connect

Robust ties with industry leaders,
frequent visits, events, and
networking, fostering internships
and collaborative projects for
practical, hands-on learning.


Placement Support

Extensive placement support with
counseling, resume help, interview
preparation, and active collaboration
with corporate partners for successful
job placements.


State of Art Facility

State-of-the-art facilities, including
advanced labs, libraries, and tech-
-equipped classrooms, undergo continuous
enhancements, providing a conducive
environment for effective learning.


Certification from ASDC & NSDC

Partnerships for recognized
certifications, boosting employability
with industry credentials, and commitment
to national skill development standards
for comprehensive education.


Industry Mentor

Tailored mentorship by industry experts,
offering career guidance, insights, and
skills development, fostering real-world
connections and practical knowledge

Dedicated Career Support to Students

Placements in top EV companies after completion of program, ISIEINDIA provides at least 3 companies for placement.

Access to job opportunities

Career coaching
& Interview Preparation

Placement Highlights

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