Do We Need Insurance for Electric Two-Wheelers?

Electric scooters and bikes are turning into a pattern, and individuals have begun tolerating them really know the way that they are adding to nature by supplanting Electric Vehicles with ICE Vehicles.

By driving an electric bicycle, we can save the climate (study demonstrates: that while driving an EV, it doesn’t pass on fossil fuel byproducts to the climate); Similarly, by buying electric bicycle protection, we can safeguard against unexpected costs that happen after mishaps that have made harm the electric scooter and bikes.

To pick the best company, the client ought to have itemized information about the company and the arrangements given by them and follow specific advances:-

1.     Insurance Coverage

  • The primary point of an insurance strategy is to limit monetary misfortunes in the event of sad occasions that are covered by the approach. In this manner, the inclusion part of your two-wheeler insurance is number one on the need list. You really want to sort out the sort of inclusion you want.

2.     Insurance Price

  • In the wake of knowing the sort of inclusion, you can look for insurance suppliers who offer that inclusion at a lower price. Different insurance suppliers give approaches at various expenses.
  • Two Wheeler Third-party Insurance rates are fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), the top notch charged changes for Comprehensive Insurance arrangements.

3.     Electric two-wheeler insurance provider

  • In the wake of choosing the inclusion and price section as a primary concern, the following stage is to choose the insurance supplier. Each insurance supplier has an internet based presence. To know more insight regarding the company, you can visit their site and buy an electric two-wheeler insurance strategy.
  • This cycle is made in a straightforward way like visiting a web based business store and purchasing things from that point. An insurance supplier’s reasonability ought to be founded on the pre-buy and post-buy support advertised.

Benefits of having an Insurance for Electric Scooter & E-Bikes

Our Electric Scooter ought to be protected to meet lawful prerequisites relying on the bicycle’s particulars. The fundamental motivation to guarantee our bicycle is that it is a resource. What’s more, resources can be monetarily safeguarded against misfortunes (for instance, costs made for fixes) when they are protected. we can bring a case up on the off chance that the bicycle gets harmed and get a good deal on fixes.

In the event of a lamentable circumstance where you have made a physical issue a third-party or harmed third-party property, then your insurance strategy will cover such liabilities. The significant piece of the upkeep and fix bill is covered by the insurance company in the event of mishaps, normal disasters, mobs, and misfortunes because of burglary. This implies you don’t need to take care of a costly fix bill in the event of harms.

If there should be an occurrence of any vulnerabilities like unintentional demise, substantial wounds, or fractional/all out incapacities because of a mishap, you will get total monetary remuneration against it.

Electrics Bikes run on battery which is expensive and has an expiry date and needs substitutions of the battery before they quit working appropriately and this cost will be covered by the insurance company.

Cost Estimation for Electric Two-Wheeler Insurance

Electric Two-Wheeler Battery Capacity Third-Party E-Bike Insurance Premium Prices
Up to 3 KW ₹ 457 /-
Over 3 KW and up to 7 KW ₹ 607 /-
Over 7 KW and up to 16 KW ₹ 1,161 /-
Over 16 KW ₹ 2,383 /-

Top Electric Two-Wheeler Insurance Companies in India

Presently, what are the main two-wheeler insurance organizations in India that you can decide to purchase insurance for your electric scooter and an electric bike

Name  Starting Price
Digit ₹ 899/-
Shriram GIC ₹ 958/-
Magma HDI ₹ 959/-
United India ₹ 966/-
National Insurance ₹ 970/-
New India Assurance ₹ 970/-
Royal Sundaram ₹ 977/-
Cholamandalam  ₹ 987/-
Kotak  ₹ 989/-

Ola S1 Pro Electric Insurance Plan – Cost and Cover Value

Heres what we got from Insurance Dekho

Cover Value (IDV)- ₹ 1,03,999 (Tenure for 1 year)

Basic Covers

  • Basic Own Damage- ₹ 1,865
  • Basic Third Party Premium- ₹ 1,161


  • No Claim Bonus(25%) ₹ 466
  • 18% GST+ = ₹ 461

The Total Payable+ Amount is =  ₹ 3,021