Certification Program in Electric Vehicle Technology in Association with ASAP Kerala

A comprehensive EV course on EV Technology that gives you exposure to various computational tools for EV Applications. This EV technology course is highly recommended for engineering students.

Batch Starting From– 01st November, 2023

About our Partnership with ASAP Kerala for Electric Vehicle Program

As today’s world is rapidly growing in electric vehicle technology, the torchbearers of innovation and progress, our upcoming engineers, hold the key to shaping a more sustainable future. In a world where the future of our planet depends on sustainable solutions, our program, offered in association with ASAP Kerala, is not just a course; it’s a powerful stride towards securing a brighter future for the next generation. As the automotive industry undergoes a revolutionary shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), it is imperative that engineering students are prepared to spearhead this transformative change.

Our program offers a comprehensive education in EV technology, providing invaluable exposure to a variety of computational tools for EV applications. By empowering the future generation with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this dynamic industry, we are collectively working towards a cleaner, greener, and more efficient future. Join us on this journey to shape a world that our children and grandchildren will inherit with pride.


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Joint Certificate from ISIEINDIA
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Curriculum designed by Industry experts from top EV companies

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Faculty with years of extensive
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A track record of transforming 13,000+ lives through ISIEINDIA Learning programs is what inspires us to do even more.

Who is this Program for?


B.E./B.Tech. students and
fresh engineering
graduates who want to
launch their careers in the
EV Industry


Working professionals who
are looking to upskill and
transition into a career
in EV industry


Ideal for candidates from
engineering disciplines like
electrical, electronics,
mechanical and automobile


Min 60% in 10th. 12th and graduation

What will you learn in this program?

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Build a comprehensive understanding of the technology behind electric vehicles, its various individual components and overall working mechanism

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Design and simulate individual components such as batteries, power converters, motors, using industry relevant tools and techniques

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Present yourself as an ideal candidate for various roles in leading EV and component supplier companies and automotive consulting firms

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Learn a specialization – Electric Motor and Battery Design or Vehicle Design and Thermal Management or Embedded Systems and Model Based Development

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Design, develop and test software and hardware components for electric vehicles, using programming and knowledge of embedded systems

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Use mechanical design engineering concepts to develop models for sheet metal design and plastic design using in-demand design tool

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Jobs and Career Opportunities in Electric Vehicle by 2025

India serves as a humungous market for the development and growth of EVs. Just like the existing plants for conventional vehicles, many foreign auto-makers will be seen setting up EV operations in India. The government has chalked a plan to aid its electric mobility mission by creating a specialized workforce, which aims at generating over 10 million jobs.

It’s not all doom and gloom for electric vehicles. The industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. In the long term, consumer demand triumphs, as seen by recent industry advancements. For example, Tesla, the world’s most valued electric vehicle company, is planning to introduce its Electric vehicles in India by later this year.

The EV industry will create over 10 million job opportunities in various domains such as designing, testing, manufacturing, wiring, charging infrastructure, sales, services, redesigning existing infrastructure, battery technology, and many more.

Read Full Report on EV Market and Job forecast by Niti Aayog Govt. of India


India is the biggest EV Market for Electric Vehicle as per the reports by 80% of 2W /3W Vehicles, 40% Passengers vehicles , 25% Private cars and 20% buses will be Electric in coming 5 years and will create 10M Jobs.


In a virtual roundtable on ‘Post COVID-19: Future of Electric Vehicles Global and India’ conducted by ETAuto, experts opined that the outlook for EV industry remains positive despite COVID-19 disruption with 30-35% of sales to be electric by 2025 which includes mild hybrid, full hybrids, plug-in, and battery.

List of Job Opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Industry

The EV industry is estimated to offer several job opportunities for skilled population. The significant profiles in the EV industry that require skilful employees are research, designing and development, manufacturing, vehicle maintenance, and infrastructure development.

Research & Development

  • The electric vehicle industry requires a research and development team to acknowledge the latest technology and ideas that are trending worldwide to improve battery charging, recharging technology, fuel, or material sources.
  • The research and development team conducts research and testing on electric vehicle technology. Usually, chemists and material scientists examine the battery life and analyze its performance.
  • To make electric vehicles better than conventional vehicles, the researchers perform various tests to bring out fast recharging technology.

Design and Development

  • The design and development sector includes everyone who helps in the initial vehicle modelling process to the final development process. Usually, engineers, software developers, industrial designers, technicians, and drafters work in this sector.
  • They find out result-oriented and economical solutions that reduce vehicle costs. The design and development team strives to design vehicles accessible to all people, from rich to middle-class to poor financial families.
  • Chemical, electrical, electronic, mechanical, industrial engineers, software engineers, developers, designers are highly demanded people for this job opportunity in the industry.

Electric Vehicles Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing requires a considerable workforce and involves complex processes. Manufacturing workers would be taken from the conventional vehicle model industries. These people work in large sectors or plants outside the cities.
  • The manufacturing team focuses on machine designing and production designing. They assemble workforce and machinery tools. The specialized people required in the EV manufacturing sector are machinists, industrial managers, machine tool operators, and equipment assemblers.

Maintenance Department

  • These are nothing but the vehicle maintenance and repair works. Regular workers can also do these works. However, the electrical systems demand skilled electrical repair workers.
  • The maintenance workers work on replacing and installing batteries based on the electric vehicle. Usually, mechanics and technicians are required for maintenance works.

Infrastructure Development

  • As electric vehicles increase on roads, the necessity of charging stations increases. Electric vehicles need specialized charging infrastructure that incorporates battery charging and swapping systems.
  • The government is planning to incorporate private and public charging points for easy access to the charging systems. In emergency cases, there would be several charging points away from your home and office. The infrastructure development team focuses on the charging point’s implementation and up-gradation of existing battery charging systems in various cities.
  • Majorly, the power line repairers and installers are required along with few electricians to implement charging infrastructure.