What is the difference 2 Stroke Engine and 4 Stroke Engine?

During an engine’s combustion cycle, the piston moves up and down within the cylinder. The terms “top dead center” (TDC) and “bottom dead center” (BDC) refer to the piston’s position within the cylinder……….

Can you charge the electric car in rain?

Yes, of course. Electric vehicles can definitely be charged in the rain as proper covering shields and protective layers are applied to the charging plugs and charging stations. That prevents……….

​​Why Cruiser Bikes have high Rake angle and Racing Bikes have low Rake angle?

The caster angle or castor angle is the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical axis of a steered wheel in a car, motorcycle, bicycle or other vehicle, measured in the longitudinal direction……….

Why Sedan Has No Rear Wipers?

Due to the designing of sedans and hatchbacks, sedan cars hardly need a wiper. The sedans get a sloped roofline and a long……….

Why Tractors Have Two Break Pedals?

That is so the operator can make tighter turns at slow speeds by braking one wheel at a time or use differential braking…..

Why F1 tires have no treads?

F1 tires have no treads because it provides a better grip with the track surface in dry conditions. Better grip makes the car more stable….

Why gasket is used in engines?

Gaskets function as a seal where two separate engine parts meet. They provide a barrier that keeps unwanted liquids or gases….

What is the Purpose of the Lines on a Rear Windshield?

Because the glass of a windshield can be obscured by condensation, the lines on it acts as defrosters. The lines are actually small….

Why there are holes in Flywheel?

These holes are for balancing purpose. If the flywheel is not balanced, then during high speeds, it will generate….

What Is The Purpose Of Trunk Air Vents In Car?

They help to reduce air pressure inside a car to make closing….

Why some cars have 2 exhaust pipes?

The main reason for having a dual exhaust system is to get the leftover air….

Why AdBlue/DEF is used in BS6 engine?

To sum up, AdBlue liquid is used in BS6 vehicles equipped with SCR technology….

Why fairing is provided in sports bikes?

The main reason for having a dual exA motorcycle fairing is a shell placed over the frame of a motorcycle, especially racing motorcycle….