EV Charging Protocols and Challenges

Learn Intro to EVSE, Charging Methods, Charging Protocol, Charging Systems, EV Charging Station, Roadmap Challenges and Policy accompanied with various ... Show more
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About the Program

Learn Intro to EVSE, Charging Methods, Charging Protocol, Charging Systems, EV Charging Station, Roadmap Challenges and Policy accompanied with various recent case studies to attain the challenges set by the EV industries with Personalized Industry Mentorship, Career Guidance, and Placement Assistance and much more.

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Specialized EV Charging Protocols and Challenges

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Case Studies

Load Requirements & Infra Challenges

In this, we will perform the calculation of load requirements on the charging grid and the infrastructural challenges related to it.

Charging vs Swapping Technology

Charging or battery swapping of them are complementary to each other. This case study will talk about the various parametric comparisons supported by facts and figures to show the difference between both modes.

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About EV Charging Protocols and Challenges Program

In the next decade, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads will likely rise substantially, and we believe the bulk of the charging of these vehicles will take place at home. But readily accessible charging away from one’s home (or one’s workplace) will also be key to support EV growth. Such “on-the-go” charge-ups will also need to be as easy and convenient as refueling an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle today. While EV charging remains in its nascence, we believe that the build-out of a national network of chargers that satisfies customer demand and preferences will do much to support greater adoption of EVs. Exactly how quickly this charging infrastructure will be developed—and precisely what it will look like—is not altogether certain. So, we need to get aware of charging technology & its infrastructure, and focusing on such facts ISIEINDIA technical committee has designed a Specialization program in EV Charging.

Our main objective of the course is to introduce you to the subject of EV Charging and give the necessary start point for you to start the journey of this subject. By the end of this course, you would learn the required basic concepts to understand the subject. The main outcome of this course would be it would help you to open up your curious mind, ask questions and observe things involving concepts of EV Charging Technology.

Program Outcomes


Charging methods


EV Charging Station


Roadmap, Challenges & Policy


Charging Test Criteria and Regulations


Charging Systems


V2G and G2V Technology


Learning about charging protocols

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