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Shape your career by becoming a Tech
Savvy in Robotics with Robo-i

We collaborate with 290+ leading institutes, universities and companies

Kids Courses (Age 8+)

  • Robotics, Coding and Drones
  • Live 1:1 classes from expert teachers
  • Learn by building projects
  • Kit shipped to you in 24 hours

Engineering Courses

  • Choose from various courses
  • Learn at your pace or join live classes
  • Learn by building projects
  • Kit shipped to you in 24 hours

What you will Receive ?

Robotics Kit and Curriculum
specially designed for students

Live 1-1 Robotics Classes from
expert teachers

Future-Ready Skills through
hands-on learning

What you will Learn ?


Be future ready
with topics like
STEM & Robotics


analytical skills &
logical thinking


Develop the
confidence to
change the
real world


Identify & solve
problems and
be creative

Learning technology is fun again !

Robo-i courses put fun back in learning and help students experience the joy of building things. As a result, our students love technology and develop enough confidence to dream big about their future. Our courses are so interesting that students hardly stop with one course from us.

Each course/ class is hands-on and
involve project development

Develop expertise in the domain –
one project at a time

Aim for the best jobs and higher
education opportunities

Develop skills from anywhere

Get kits to your doorstep. Build using online tutorials/ live classes.

Earn by sharing your skills through
Robo-i | Become coach with us

Join us, share your knowledge and help students learn innovative technologies.

Organize our workshops in your college/ school

Our experts will visit your campus and provide hands-on training.

Why Should You Choose Robo-i Courses ?

With the right combination of Robo I Robotics Kits, Robotics Mission & best Robotics classes designed by the experts, Robo I helps your child to develop skills, curiosity and confidence needed to win the future while your child is having fun.

Robo-i courses have been designed by alumni from Tier 1 institute and professional from top companies that has developed 100+ experiential learning courses and projects.

From Happy Parents?

Frequently Asked Questions

We will help your children to learn about robotics with our skilled trainers. They will teach students everything about the robotics including from basics to all the components. Once your kid is aware about the function/work of the components then it will be a piece of cake for them to make their own robots. Our trainers will also guide them with the details and process to make their own projects.
We have the simplest kit to make a robot. Kids can easily make a robot with the kit we'll provide , once you are aware of the components and also don't worry we have our Mentors to assist your kids with the doubts. You just need to take the components and follow the steps accordingly. It will be very easy for the kids to make the robots alone without anyother's help.
We will provide a detailed knowledge about robot and robotics in our courses. We are not based on our projects only, after completion of the course your kid will have the full-fledged knowledge about the robotics and it's component. With that they will easily make their own robots without any assistance.
The kit will contain all the component to make the project we will be giving. They will have an Micro controller, connection wires, motor controller , Power connections, Glue gun, sensors like IR, Ultrasonic and many more..
Don't worry your kid is not going to miss anything due to late enrollment or any other issue. We will have many different batches accordingly so no one will miss any detail. Parents can schedule their batches on calendi accordingly from 10am to 7pm. So your kid is not going to miss anything as we have very flexible timings.
We will also provide the recorded sessions to the kids so that they can study again and again and get their doubts cleared. Even after the recorded session if your kid has any doubts so we'll provide them a doubt sessions. They can access the videos anytime.
Once your kid completed the course and learned everything it would be really easy for them to build their own projects. Also with their knowledge they can give a shape to their own imagination and vision. When they will learn about the functions of all the components then they will easly make the robot not only small robot but the big robots to help other people.

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