Types of Robots in Industry

An automatic computer programmed machine which is capable of handling a series of  work automatically  all by itself without human intervention is known as Robots. It reduces human efforts and they are also differentiated in two categories like use and movement.

Czech writer Karel Capek discovered the work ROBOT in 1920 called Rossum’s Universal Robots. Robots are advanced ,intelligent machines that require design, installation and maintenance. It revolves as a third industrial revolution.

Types of robots in different areas

As automation is taking place in the world the demand for robots is also increasing in different industries like in healthcare,entertainment field, apparels and manufacturing, aerospace, military, aquatic and public safety etc, for the different roles in different industries.

Healthcare Robots:

In the healthcare industry robots have different roles to perform like assisting in surgery, helping surgeons during operations, delivering the medications from one place to another in the hospital, helping patients to move from their places, and in future we may see autonomous surgeons in the healthcare industry.

There is also a device called  daVinci system that makes it possible to perform the critical surgeries with normal risks.

Different types of robots used in Healthcare industry are:

  • Surgical Robots

  • Exoskeletons

  • Care Robots

  • Hospital Robots

Military Robots:

As the technology is evolving day by day and the ways of wars is changing drastically, enemies becoming technological powers, improving intelligence and ,getting highly networked, it all increasing the  threats of military and to work on these kinds of threats  and for lot more purpose military is using robots and in future robots can be the replacement of human soldiers.

These robots will come in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement of the military and also they will be embedded with different algorithms and codes.And the company is also testing on the robots to climb on hills, crawl on land,work in different ways during natural disasters , and remove debris etc.

Different types of robots used in Military industry are:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Search and Rescue Robots

  • Combat Support

  • Mine Clearance

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

  • Fire Fighting Robots

Industrial Robots:

As the advancement is taking place in robotics and automation we can see the adoption of robots in the different  industrial sectors for the production of higher quality in less time. The working ability of robots in hazardous environments without getting tired increases the demand in the industrial sectors including this there are a lot more reasons which is inspiring the industrial sectors to adopt the robot for the more work done in less time with no quality issue.

Different types of robots used in Industrial Sector are:

  • Articulated Robots

  • Cartesian Robots

  • SCARA Robots

  • Delta Robots

  • Polar Robots

  • Cylindrical Robots

Space Robots:

There is different robots used in  the space  industry  for the different work purpose some is used for the exploring and storing the data, investigating on space, some are used to gather the information like temperature, pressure and speed of wind on the space and the space robots are designed in a way which will act independently and can be also controlled remotely.

Different types of robots used in Space Robots are:

  • Satellites

  • Rovers

  • Probes and Measurement Tools

  • Astronaut Assistance

Future of Robots:

Advancement in artificial intelligence increases the robots ability to work like humans or understand humans and in future we will see the robots almost everywhere, where we will go in our daily lives like, in restaurant we can see the robots taking order or serving the hot food on our table, in industries doing different-different tasks, during agricultural activities, in entertainment industry, in hospitals and so on many places.

And it will also open the door for new career  opportunities and increase the chances of employment and economic growth.


In conclusion there are different types of robots in different industries for different purposes and these all types are impacting the way of working, career opportunities, and economic growth. Robots is making the human life easy by doing their work in lesser time with more accuracy,

They will also become the major part of the smart manufacturing and 4.0 industry in the future and also of our daily lives.

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