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Professional Master's Certification Program in Software Technology

Professional Master Certification in Software Technology is India’s Leading Job role oriented program offered by India’s Leading Skill Base Educational Platform, ISIEINDIA.

  • Re-Skilling and Up-Skilling Fresh Graduates to equip them with right skill set as per Industry demand.
  • ISIEINDIA providing 100% Placement Assurance.
  • Up-Skilling Professionals /Academicians and Engineers for their Career growth.
  • Mode of Delivery : Blended ( Online + Live Session with Expert)
  • Program and Curriculum design and developed by ISIE Technical Committee (300+ Experts from OEM’s)
  • 100% Placement Record of Previous Batches.

Jobs and Career Opportunities in Software Technology by 2025

Today, software has become ubiquitous, even in places that you might not expect it, from crock pots to nuclear submarines. Some programming languages, like C and Cobol, have survived the test of time and are still in use. Other languages, such as Java and Python, are somewhat younger and have been used in countless software development projects. Still others, such as Apple’s Swift programming language for iOS or Go Open source, are relatively new and exciting.

Growth in IoT

The Internet of Things is ever-expanding, with billions of smart devices powering many industries across the world, ranging from simple home appliances to medical devices. Thus, more and more software will be developed targeting these IoT devices. This will lead to an even tighter relationship between cloud and IoT technologies—after all, most IoT devices rely on distributed and cloud-based technologies across their lifecycle.

Data Science Trends for 2022

“COVID-19 has affected the entire world and introduced the new normal”. You may be sick and tired of reading how all this has happened and the consequences of it. But believe you us, it is no different for a field like data science. As per Gartner’s data analytics trends in 2021, organizations will adopt a new approach to working with artificial intelligence. Hitherto, big data used to be a priority for data scientists. However, in 2021, the same is expected to be replaced by wide data, one that also carries a lot of diversity with it. This along with a handful of other field patterns will shape the data science trends for 2021.

An Even Smarter AI

Enterprises will push for a smarter Artificial Intelligence system that can be scaled to operations as per changes in supply and demand. Keeping in mind the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains, AI would have to be molded so it no longer needs historical data to be trained on. Instead, data analysts would have to figure out a way to do so with much less voluminous data sets that offer variety so AI could learn more, sooner.

Flexible Data Analytics

Large enterprises rely on multiple business intelligence tools. This makes it harder for them to use the insights in a cohesive way to introduce order amongst chaos. When we talk of a flexible, more composable data analytics approach it means that insights from various analytical tools can be curated and integrated towards linear, more impactful outcomes.

Data Fabric as the Foundation

What is data fabric? Gartner defines it as the foundational layer that will help effectuate the compostable data we talked about in the previous step. How important could it be in the long run? As per the research firm, an effective data fabric mitigates data integration time by 30% because the layer incorporates multi-variate integration styles.

Increasing Use of Small & Wide Data

Not every organization is capable of harnessing big data, whether it is for logistical reasons or otherwise. A new approach being promulgated is the use of small data. As the name suggests, it is exponentially smaller in volume to big data at the same time coming in with higher diversification. The combined use of both wide and small data makes it possible to train AI models in a rather shorter period.

The Evolving Role of Data Analytics

Data and analytics is usually a specialty that is handled by separate teams not indulged with other departments. As per Gartner, Data and analytics will be reintroduced as a central business function that would interoperate with other teams. The Chief Data Officer, a role that has come to the fore in recent years, will be able to guide data operations better if they have a stronger, more inclusive handle on things with data analytics becoming integral to business operations.

Job Roles

  • Data Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist and Engineers
  • Sensors And Actuator Professional
  • Data Architect
  • Statistician
  • Business Analyst
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Networking Structure
  • Hardware and Devices
  • User Interface
  • Embedded Programs Engineer
  • Security
  • AI

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