ISIEINDIA Students Land Top Jobs in Thriving EV Industry under the Women’s Empowerment Project by Cosmo Foundation and Jallandar Motors

ISIEINDIA, a leading organization in electric vehicle (EV) skill development, is proud to announce the successful placement of Twelve students from its EV program under the Women’s Empowerment Project by Cosmo Foundation and Jallandar Motors. These talented individuals have secured coveted positions at renowned companies across the EV ecosystem, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in preparing students for rewarding careers in this dynamic field.


The list of graduates and their placements includes:

  • Cabling Harness Pvt. Ltd.: Kartiki Ghule, Ms. Simran Chakranarayan, and Ms. Nikita Rathod
  • Leibherr Appliances: Ms. Lavanya Neluri
  • Tata EV: Ms. Pallavi Gaikwad
  • LAPL Automotive Pvt. Ltd.: Ms. Rohini Chapparwal and Ms. Madhuri Gudade
  • Reliable Solution Pvt. Ltd.: Ms. Samiksha Bagade
  • Aurangabad Auto Ancillary Pvt. Ltd.: Ms. Komal Aghade
  • ASR Control Solution System Pvt. Ltd.: Ms. Samriddhi Wahul, Ms. Pragati Sonawane, and Ms. Mansi Shinde


These placements highlight the strong demand for skilled professionals in the burgeoning EV industry. ISIEINDIA’s comprehensive EV program equips students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to excel in various EV segments, including battery technology, electric vehicle assembly, charging infrastructure, and more.


ISIEINDIA’s commitment to bridging the skill gap in the EV sector empowers individuals to contribute to India’s sustainable mobility goals. The organization’s focus on practical training and industry collaboration ensures that graduates are equipped with the expertise and experience sought after by leading EV companies.