ISIEINDIA Conducted Training Program at COE for Autoelectrical & EV Assembly Technician Sponsored by Jalna Janseva

ISIEINDIA conducted a Training Program at Center of Excellence E- Mobility, Aurangabad sponsored by Jalna Janseva. In this program 30 students were trained by jaln ajansev held from 1ST July to 15TH July, 2022. for Auto lectrical & EV Assembly Technician Program whose fees was also Sponsored by Jalna Janseva.

Topics Covered by the students during Training

DAY 1 – Basis of Automobile Engineering

In this students were told about the history of vehicles, it’s components and system of ICE Vehicle.

DAY 2- Basic of Fundamentals of EV

There was a brief understanding about EV’s v/s ICE Architecture of ICE,EV, HEV Types of EV Opportunity and Available job roles for ITI/ Polytechnic in EV Sector.

DAY 3- EV Machines

BLDC Motor hub, Motor Introduction, Motor Controller, Working of EV Machines were done practically  by the students in front of there mentor.


DAY 4- EV Machines

Introduction Motor, controlling, working of EV Machines, the topic continued for 2 days.

DAY 5- EV Powertrain

Type of Drive Train section of component case study were done also the selection of motor, controller for 2 wheeler EV were the main topic .

DAY 6- EV Battery and BMS-

Types of Battery, Types of cell BMS, Battery Fundamental – Charging and discharging was made clear, SOC.

Moreover, Experiments on EV Powertrain Workbench Motor Battery Loads Hall Effect Fundamental- Sensor Efficiency Fault Diagnosis were done practically.

DAY 7- EV Battery and BMS Testing

On next day, Procedure of Battery Pack Manufacturing( Cell Sorting-Cell EV Battery & Grading-Charging (Balancing) BMS Testing Welding of Pack, Battery Battery Ageing) was done.

  1. Battery Design – Mathematical foe 2 – wheeler.
  2. Experiement on EV 2 wheeler workbench.

DAY 8- EV 2Wheeler Homologation

Each and every point about EV was made to students. Next day of training was all about Vehicle Category 2 Wheeler Design and Safety Aspects Tests 2 W Component Testing (Horn Lights, Rear View Mirror Test. Field of Vision Test etc).

DAY 9- EV Circuit Daigram

Designing and testing of EV Circuit. Electrical Circuit Training & component test were made  done practically by mentors in front of students.

DAY 10 – 2 W Hands on

On this day of training stidents were supposed to do dissembling of 2 W bike, this was a hands on training.

DAY 11– Engine/ Gear Box Hands on

At last days of training, hands on training was given for the better understanding of students, they did Assembling of Gear Box.


DAY 12- Project

Retro Fitment of 2 Wheeler bike.

DAY 13- Project

Retro Fitment of 2 Wheeler bike

DAY 14- Industry Tools

Training on industry tools was given this was both practical and Theoretical

DAY 15- Testing of Bike

On the last day of the Training Testing  of bike was done.

The Training was successfully done, the students learened a lot about EV.

Moreover, ISIEINDIA is working with many Automotive Giants across the India and looking to connect with all the EV Industries to help them in training and development of their engineers, vendors, trainees etc.