ISIEINDIA conducted Cooperate Training program on Electric Vehicle for Mando Softtech Pvt. Ltd

ISIEINDIA conducted Cooperate Training program on EV Motor and drive methods for Mando Soft tech India Pvt. Ltd which was held on 25th – 29th July.

During the Program ISIEINDIA Expert are giving training of EV Powertrain, Battery Pack Design, BMS, BTMS Control Methods and Vehicle Safety.

Day 1

Topic- EV Motors ad drive Methods

A well Presentation was made by mentor for better understanding for students. First, theoretical information was given and then Hero electric scooter was dissembled by students under the guidance of mentors and was assembled.

Topics  like Types of motors, Motor Drive methods, were also covered. Students were given a complete knowledge about Controller Architecture and communication, how to select powertrain.

Day 2

Topic- Battery Pack Design & Selection

How to design battery pack design and selection was the topic for the second day. Mentors helped to learn about Cell Types and characteristics, Cell sorting and assembly, Battery Pack Design, Battery Safety and Testing, Range of an EV – Model Based, Simulation, Constructional and Functional Safety, ESS communication.

Day 3

Topic- EV Charging

Taught about 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler. To give an example a bike was dissembled in front of students, they were asked to assemble it again. First the topics were explained with the help of presentation like EVSE Systems and Types, Battery Charging Characteristics, Charging Protocols, Charging Systems and Integration, Charging Station and Challenges.

Day 4

Topic- Control Methods

Working of FCEV (Fuel cell electric vehicle) was made understood to the students. Further, how communication protocol works between electric vehicle and other mobile devices. Deep knowledge with hands on training was given on the topics like Control Systems and Types, Power Electronics and Motor Drives, EV Powertrain Tuning, Traction Motor Drive Circuit, Control Unit of an EV and Communication.

Day 5

Topic- BMS and BTMS

On the last day of the Training, introduction to BMS, BMS failure on field, BMS in Indian context were explained. After the completion of the training students were supposed to give an online exam to check their performance. Moreover, the left over topics of battery management system was covered like BMS In Li-lon Batteries, BMS testing in a BMS tester, Introduction to BTMS, Thermal Loading.