EVage Motors Successfully Completes Placement Drive at ISIEINDIA, Offering Exciting Opportunities for Technical Roles


Date: October 14, 2023

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

In a remarkable display of synergy between industry and academia, EVage Motors recently conducted a highly successful placement drive at ISIEINDIA. This placement drive witnessed an overwhelming response from students, with 267 applicants vying for coveted positions within the company. Following a rigorous selection process, 18 talented individuals were shortlisted to join EVage Motors.

The placement drive, organized in collaboration with ISIEINDIA, attracted a diverse pool of candidates, mainly comprising mechanical and electrical engineering students. These students aimed to secure positions within the company’s technical department, where they can contribute to the innovative and sustainable future of the automotive industry.

Two senior officials from EVage Motors played a pivotal role in conducting the placement drive, ensuring that the selection process was comprehensive and fair. The drive featured various stages, including written tests, technical interviews, and HR interactions, providing the students with a holistic assessment of their skills and suitability for the positions.

This drive was marked by enthusiasm and the determination of both the candidates and the EVage Motors team. The company’s representatives were highly impressed with the exceptional talent on display, which made the final selection process a challenging task.

As EVage Motors continues to expand its footprint in the electric vehicle industry, it remains committed to fostering talent and innovation. The successful completion of the placement drive at ISIEINDIA reaffirms the company’s dedication to collaborating with educational institutions to identify and nurture future leaders in the electric vehicle sector.

EVage Motors expressed its heartfelt gratitude to ISIEINDIA for hosting the event and providing a platform for students to showcase their skills. The company believes that these new recruits will play an instrumental role in shaping the future of electric mobility and contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.

The 18 shortlisted candidates now have the opportunity to join EVage Motors, a prominent player in the electric vehicle industry, and embark on a journey that promises to be exciting and full of growth. As the automotive industry undergoes a significant transformation towards sustainability and innovation, these new talents are poised to make their mark and help steer EVage Motors to new heights.

EVage Motors looks forward to welcoming these promising candidates to its team and is confident that their contributions will help the company continue its mission of shaping the future of electric mobility.