Vehicle dynamics and stability

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Learn Electrical Vehicle Design, Crashworthiness, Aerodynamics, Powertrain, Energy Storage System Design and Safety and Homologation and Testing accompanied with various recent case studies to attain the challenges set by the EV industries with Personalized Industry Mentorship, Career Guidance, and Placement Assistance and much more.

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Professional Master Certification in EV Engineering,

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Case Studies

Battery Placement in EV

The electric vehicle has brought a major change in the way vehicles are being designed. Unlike IC Engine, the NVH requirement is less as well. The placement of the battery pack has also affected the way panels are designed.

Battery Charging vs Battery Swapping

When it comes to EV design, it is really important to know which way to choose, battery swapping or charging as it will alter the design.


EV Market Impact

The EV market has grown the most despite the COVID-19 situation in the past year. In this, we take a look at the various parameters affecting the EV market and how the government and manufacturers have joined hands to promote EV.

Single Speed or Multi-Speed Transmission?

The EVs currently in the market are equipped with single speed gearbox, but there are engineers arguing the fact that multi speed gearbox will be much beneficial. In this, we will be discussing the topic and try to understand the difference.

EV Architecture

Fixed motors can deliver better performance, but will result in more weight due to the gearbox. The in-wheel motor will have less losses and reduce weight but would be costlier. Which motor to choose? Which architecture should we go for?


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