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A comprehensive EV course on EV Technology that gives you exposure to various computational tools for EV Applications. This EV technology course is highly recommended for engineering students.

About B.Tech Specialization in Electric Vehicle

Specialization in Electric Vehicle Engineering ® is an exclusive program by ISIEINDIA in association with Industry partners i.e. MG Motor India and Supported by SMEV – Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle and certified by ASDC – Automotive Skill Development Council (Skill India). 

We are offering this program as an academia partnership Program to various Top Private Universities and STUs. The program curriculum is as per the needs of Industry and design and verified by 300+ Automotive professionals working in Automotive Industry. The prime objective of this program is to equip our engineering students with industry-ready skills through project-based and hands-on learning. 

We are collaborating with Universities and Institutions with Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) curriculum. The coursework provides advanced knowledge and hands-on labs in the design, analysis, control, calibration, and operating characteristics of HEVs. Whether you are a graduate or undergraduate student, you can integrate any number of these courses into your degree. Another flexible option: simply take courses as a non-degree seeking student.

Flexibility:  Some of the renowned University in education is coming forward to start Specialization B.Tech / M.Tech Degree program specialization in Electric Vehicle Engineering with ISIEINDIA. We are also providing flexibility to incorporate with their curriculum or add this program as a Minor / Honour program in Batch / M.Tech. 

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Types of Specialization in Electric Vehicle Engineering


After completion of the 4th semester in B.E/ B.Tech, the students have the opportunity to pursue a specialization in Hybrid & Electric Vehicles. In Which ISIE cover 2 Subjects and Lab in their 5th, 6th, and 7th Semester and Industrial Internship / Live Project in  8th Semester. Through this ISIE will give approx 18- 24 Credit programs that can be treated as part of Curriculum or Honour in their degree Specialization in Electric, Hybrid Vehicle.


In This Model students from the first Semester will have 1 Theory subjects long with their practical lab, Minor Project, Research Paper in each semester.  This is called collaborative B.Tech / M.Tech Specialization in Electric / Hybrid Vehicles. 

We have great flexibility and as well as standard model that can suit the requirement of Industry and Institute.

Why join B.Tech with Specialization in EV?

The light vehicle industry is facing a shortage of engineering talent needed to retool for the use of electric drives as the primary source of motive power. As per the report, Electric Vehicle Industries will be requiring more than 5 Million+ UG / PG engineers in the coming 5 years.ISIEINDIA (India’s Biggest E-Mobility and Skill Based Education Platform) having more than 8 years of excellence in EV / HEV Education and Research. We are helping Academic Institutes / Universities to fill the gap between Industry and Academia. The future sounds intriguing as Engineers continue to develop the next generation of vehicles while standing at the forefront of innovations.

This program is integrated and Industry oriented based on project-based learning So Students will have:

Flexible coursework options for students and professionals as per their interests

Learn EV Modelling, EV Design, Battery Technology, AI, IOT, Data Science in EV, etc

Recommend and Supported by SMEV and NITI Aayog

Offline and Online Availability

Assured Internship and Placements

ASDC Certified Module and Certificate

SMEV Companies for Placement & Internship

Trending Job Roles for EV

1. EV Design Engineer
2. EV Battery Engineer
3. Electric Drive Engineer
4. Battery Test/Design Engineer

5. EV Test Engineer
6. Harness Design Engineer
7. Powertrain Engineer
8. Charging Infra Setup- Engineer

9. EV Technician
10. Thermal Engineer
11. Vehicle Diagnosis Engineer
12. Control System Design Engineer