ISIEINDIA Completed 3 days Workshop on Electric vehicle at MASSIA Aurangabad Organized by TATA TECHNOLOGIES Under it's CSR Initiative Ready Engineers

This workshop benefited a total of 130 students. ISIEINDIA conducted a workshop on EV for Ready Engineer (CSR initiative of Tata Technologies) Professors and students from Aurangabad cluster. The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Siddharth Yawalkar and President of Marathwada Association of Small Scale Industries & Agriculture (MASSIA), Aurangabad, Mr. Kiran Jagtap, on 12th Dec.22, in MASSIA auditorium, Aurangabad.


Aurangabad 3 days workshop.

Program Description:

The Program is designed by Technical Industrial Experts in association with ISIEINDIA, with a prime focus on imparting practical exposure during this On-Campus training; this Program will provide dynamic academic exposure in the field of Electric Vehicles. The Program imparts practical exposure through hands-on, Manufacturing of Electric vehicles. This workshop will give you complete knowledge about components of Electric vehicles like motors, batteries, controllers, Etc.


To provide hands-on & impart practical exposure through real-time project-based learning, To make capable enough to develop the Electrical Component of the vehicle and Up-Skll themselves in Green Energy as it is the need of hours. Through the training, ISIEINDIA will get trained and make them industry ready to fulfill the workforce requirement.

Now Completed Workshop on Electric Vehicle, organized by the Marathwada Association of Small-Scale Industries & Agriculture (MASSIA) and Tata Technologies under its CSR initiative “Ready Engineer” implemented by the ISIEINDIA. It’s a three-day workshop. See Some Glimpse of 3 Days Workshop on EV.



Program Overview: Day 1 To Day 3

DAY 1: EV Motors And Drive Methods

Day 1 Of this workshop covered the topic: See below the list

  • Motor types Of EV
  • Motor Drive Methods
  • Motor Design Parameters
  • Controller Architecture and Communication
  • Motor Energy Consumption
  • Electric Vehicle design principle
  • Power & torque calculation
  • Selecting Powertrain
  • Model-based simulation
  • calculate for energy consumption

Duration Of DAY 1 Workshop: 5 Hours 

DAY 2: Battery Pack, BMS & BTMS

Day 2 Of this workshop covered the topic: See below the list

  • Cell Types and Characteristics
  • Cell Sorting and Assembly
  • Battery Pack Design
  • Battery Safety and Testing
  • Introduction to BMS
  • BMS In Li-Ion Batteries
  • BMS failure on the field
  • BMS in the Indian context
  • BMS testing in a BMS tester
  • Introduction to BTMS
  • Heat Management

Duration Of DAY 2 Workshop: 5 Hours 

Day 3: Retrofication of IC 2 – Wheeler to Electric 2 – Wheeler

Day 3 (Last Day) Of this workshop, discuss in depth the Retrofication of IC 2 – Wheeler to Electric 2 – Wheeler and electric vehicle simulations and create an impactful impression on the last day of workshops. So this is very successful conduct this workshop. One hundred thirty (130) students attend this workshop, and after completing this, all students get a certificate on the last day of the EV vehicle workshop.

Duration Of DAY 3 Workshop: 5 Hours 

The uniqueness of the Workshop:

  • Globally Valid Certificate
  • Complete Project Based Learning
  • Session Conducted by Industry Expert
  • 1:1 Personal Mentorship
  • Affordable Charges

Outcomes of this Workshop:

This workshop was successfully Delivered by the Imperial Society Of Innovative Engineers (ISIEINDIA). This workshop outcome. See the points below.

  • Understand the Significance of Electrical Components.
    Terminology of Vehicle Development.
  • Capable enough to develop components of Electric Bikes,
    Team Spirit & Leadership.

Student Feedback:

I got a wonderful chance to attend the 3-day workshop on Electric vehicles. Would like to thank Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE) for arranging this opportunity for all the EV enthusiasts and those who want to pursue a career in EV-related expertise.