Stop Wasting Time and Learn How To Start Electric Powertrain and Modes.

Powertrains are the components of a vehicle that generate power to move the car. In this course, we will learn about the different types of powertrains and modes, as well as how they work.

We will start with an overview of electric powertrains and continue by exploring gas, diesel, and hybrid powertrains.

We will also look at the different modes that each type of powertrain can be in - such as charge-depleting or charge-sustaining mode.

By the end of this course, you should have a better understanding of how electric vehicles work and be able to explain their benefits over traditional vehicles.

Electric powertrains are the future of cars. The development of electric powertrains is a natural evolution for the automotive industry.

As battery technology improves, so do the range and performance of electric vehicles.

The electric powertrain course is designed to teach students how to design and analyze an electric vehicle powertrain system.

It will cover topics such as traction control, Suspension, Braking Dynamics, Tire & Its Features, Chassis Design and Simulation, Motor, Battery Management System (BMS).

The course will also touch on how to control a vehicle with a manual transmission, which is necessary for some EVs that lack automatic transmissions.