The quantity of vehicles on the streets all through the globe is expanding at a stunning rate step by stepreliance on oil-based fuel becomes practically unrestrained.

yet all the same the reliance on oil-based fuel becomes practically unrestrained. Due to this, electric vehicles come into the image as another option.

 Need for a reasonable and proficient method of transport made a developing interest for Electric Bicycles in India as well

And this venture ISIEINDIA is pursued as an open door, rather a test to plan and foster the best in a class electric bike for the commonplace drive.

The electric bike business is booming, and several players are vying for supremacy on the highway.

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However, the obstacles that lay ahead include pricing and obtaining suppliers. Does India's still very young electric two-wheeler market have place for 50 players?

The answer is undoubtedly no. Entrepreneurs are still moving forward with their ambitions in motion despite this, though.

Many are inexperienced engineers who have created an engine and saw the potential to transform it into a functional vehicle.

Learn about the history and purpose of motorcycles, tyre dynamics, geometric considerations, balance and steering, aerodynamics, the suspension principle

Battery & BMS, motor & controller, structural considerations & frame building, design & simulation, as well as a variety of recent case studies to meet the challenges

Set by the EV industries with individualised industry mentoring, career guidance, and placement assistance, among other things.