Start production of EV, entire north Indian market is waiting; CM Yogi Adityanath to Ashok Leyland

Exciting news for North India! Uttar Pradesh is all set to become a hub for electric vehicles (EVs) with the establishment of its first heavy-duty EV plant by Ashok Leyland. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath marked the occasion with a “bhoomi pujan” ceremony, urging the Hinduja Group to commence production at the earliest.

“The entire North Indian market eagerly awaits your vehicles,” declared CM Yogi, highlighting the immense potential this project holds. He emphasized the investor-friendly policies of the state and encouraged Ashok Leyland to make their investments “public-friendly.”

UP’s EV Policy offers attractive incentives, including up to Rs 20 lakh per electric bus, making it a win-win for both investors and buyers. The Chief Minister proudly stated that UP’s policy is “one of the nation’s best,” aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of achieving Net Zero emissions.

The transformative potential of this initiative is undeniable. Imagine replacing UP’s fleet of 1 lakh school buses with electric counterparts! This, along with connecting over 1 lakh revenue villages and 2 lakh “majras” through electric buses, promises a greener and more accessible future for rural areas.

CM Yogi envisions this project as a catalyst for job creation, public transportation improvement, and rural connectivity. He even proposed utilizing small electric trucks to transport village products to cities, fostering economic growth.

The impact extends beyond UP’s borders. “UP does not mean just our state,” he declared, acknowledging the interconnectedness with neighboring states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Nepal. “All these states will take advantage of this facility,” he said, painting a picture of a regional EV revolution.

This is a significant step forward for UP and a major boost for India’s EV ambitions. Stay tuned for updates as Ashok Leyland revs up production and electrifies the North Indian market!