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Data Science Course-13

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09 Month | Weakened Live Classes | Dedicated Placement Assistance | Mentorship and Mock Interview

Next Cohort Starts: 31st October 2023

Eligibility: Best Suited for professionals with minimum 0-3 years of work experience.

Learning Format: Online Bootcamp

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9/10 of our learners got placement with salary hike of 200% and achieve their outcomes.

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Live Online Classes

Learn through live online lectures delivered by our Top Ranked Faculty (after working hours)

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Become future ready by applying what you will learn and built real-life projects.

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Earn a PG Certificate in Blockchain from ISIEINDIA - Ranked #1 in Analytics Education.

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Data Science Course-07


Participating Companies

Data Science Course-08

6.9 LPA

Average CTC

Data Science Course-09

30 LPA

Highest CTC

Data Science Course-10

60 %

Average Salary Hike

Top Skills You Will Learn

Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data, Natural Language Processing

Who Is This Programme For?

Engineers, Marketing & Sales Professionals, Freshers, Domain Experts, Software & IT Professionals.

Job Opportunities

Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Decision Scientist

Minimum Eligibility

Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 50% or equivalent passing marks. No coding experience required.

What are the latest job trends in Blockchain ?

Blockchain Developer

Are programmers who create
applications for blockchain. They
typically have a lot of exp working
with C++, Python, & Javascript.

Security Professionals

Measures to make Blockchain-
based systems work efficiently,
and innovate & implement new
business models.

Quality Engineer

Ensure that all blockchain
spaces and their improvements
are of top-notch quality.

Crypto Community Manager

Work as the network administrators
who track and present engagement
statistics over all channels,
including Net and social media.

Risk Analyst

Concerned with achieving
consistency with local and
government laws also they assist in
programming, product improvement.

Front End Engineer

The front-end of any website or
application that appeals to your
customer or clients. Whether it is
an established multinational or a startup

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Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions


Content Hours Available


Industry Projects


Live Learning Sessions


Programming Tools/ Languages


Node JS

Introduction to Blockchain

History of Blockchain

Definition of Blockchain

Transaction Flow in Blockchain

Attributes of Blockchain

What is Cryptograpghy and it's various methods

Cryptographic methods in Blockchain

Characteristics of Blockchain

Types of Blockchain Network

Blockchain Evolution

What is a Blockchain Network?

Attributes of Nodes

Transaction Flow in Blockchain

Blockchain Transaction Lifecycle-I

UTXO Accounting Method

Balances Accounting method

Types of wallets

Classification of Nodes

What is a Consensus Mechanism?

Why Consensus Mechanism needed?

Types of Consensus Mechanism

Genesis Block

Forking in Blockchain - I

Types of Mining | Staking

Specialization 1

Ethereum: Introduction & History

Components Of Ethereum -I

Components Of Ethereum -II

Types Of Transactions

Ethereum Networks

Ethereum: Nodes & Clients

Decentralized Application

Token Protocols

DApp - Overview & Installation

DApp - Smart contracts development

DApp - Smart contracts Testing

DApp - Smart contracts API Integration

DApp - Front End Development & Final Testing

Specialization 2

Remix overview

Solidity: Syntax Understanding

Solidity Data Types

Solidity: Data Locations

Solidity arrays

Solidity Structures

Solidity Enums

Solidity mappings

Solidity Function-I: Function

Solidity Function-II: Constructors

Solidity Function-III: Payable

Solidity Function-IV: View

Solidity Function-V: Pure

Solidity Modifiers

Sending ethers to contract


Inheritance-I: Single-Level

Inheritance-II: Constructor

Inheritance-III: Multi-Level

Inheritance-IV: Multiple Inheritance

Solidity: Interface

Solidity Events

Solidity Error Handling

Lottery: Smart Contract

Specialization 3

ERC20-Overview & Create & Launch

ERC777-Overview & Create & Launch

ERC721-Overview & Create & Launch

ERC1155-Overview & Create & Launch

Upgradable Smart Contracts

Defi - Introduction

Defi - Features

Defi - Applications

Architecture of Blockchain Applications

Architectural design of Oracles

Architecture design of Hybrid Applications

Join the Blockchain industry

By 2026, IDC predicts Blockchain and cognitive computing spending will reach $52.2 billion. Blockchain is one of the hottest professions.

Data Science Course-10


Annual Job Growth By 2026

Data Science Course-08

11.5 M

Expected New Jobs By 2026

Data Science Course-09

Rs.4.5L -22L

Average Annual Salary

Source: Market Research Rpt

Source: US bureau of Labor

Source: Glassdoor

Companies hire Blockchain

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Batch Profile

The Blockchain certification program is designed for working individuals from various sectors. The variety of students enriches class discussions and interactions.

Admission Details

Admission Details

Candidates can apply to this Blockchain certification program in 3 steps. Selected candidates receive an offer of admission, which is accepted by admission fee payment.


Data Science Course-47

Submit Application

Tell us about yourself and why you want to do a Data Science certification


Data Science Course-48

Application Review

An admission panel will shortlist candidates based on their application


Data Science Course-49


Selected candidates can start the Data Science program within 1-2 weeks

Admission Fee & Financing

The admission fee for this Blockchain program is ₹ 1,99,999 (Incl. taxes). This fee covers applicable program charges and NSDC Certification.

Financing Options

We are dedicated to making our programs accessible. We are committed to helping you find a way to budget for this program and offer a variety of financing options to make it more economical.

No Cost EMI

We have partnered with the following financing
companies to provide competitive finance options
at 0% interest rate with no hidden costs.

Financing as low as

₹ 6,666/month*

Other Financing Options

We provide the following options for one-time payment

Data Science Course-53


Data Science Course-54


Data Science Course-55


Total Admission Fees

₹ 1,99,999

(Incl. taxes)

With EMI options, your payment can be as low as

₹ 11,111/month*

that’s like your monthly grocery bill!

Total fee: Rs 2.00 L inclusive of GST at super affordable EMI options. Try the course for the first 2 weeks – full money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw.

With EMI options, your payment can be as low as

₹ 8,333/month*

that’s like your monthly grocery bill!

Total fee: Rs 1.50 L inclusive of GST at super affordable EMI options. Try the course for the first 2 weeks – full money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw.

With EMI options, your payment can be as low as

₹ 6,666/month*

that’s like your monthly grocery bill!

Total fee: Rs 1.20 L inclusive of GST at super affordable EMI options. Try the course for the first 2 weeks – full money-back guarantee if you choose to withdraw.

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