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Motor Selection, Design and EV Industry Prospects

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In the time of the 21st Century, when the demand for electric vehicles (EV) is continuously growing in the market, the need for jobs will also increase in the near future in the EV domain. Growing demands means growing production and the growing need for skilled engineers. As per the recent report by Reuters the upcoming time EV industry is supposed to generate more than 5.8 million new jobs. These will include various profiles like Motor Design, Power Electronics, Production, Services, etc.

In order to be able to fulfill that demand our engineers and graduates would have to be well equipped with knowledge and skill in compliance with Electric Vehicle, and with the Govt. pushing the idea of Make in India, we must have the ability to work on the EV components at R&D level and help achieve the goal. 

Keeping this in mind, our experts from the industry have come forward to help us design this upcoming course - Motor Selection, Design, and Industry Prospects.

The course will start with the history of EV and take you through the journey of the rise of electric vehicles. Followed by the parameters affecting the sales and various policies and regulations laid out by the government in order to promote EV, accompanied by various recent case studies of challenges being met.

Aware of the challenges and criteria affecting the EV it will make it easier for you to understand the Powertrain requirement and selection methodologies, along with motor design criteria as per the given specifications. This will majorly benefit the aspiring engineers, professionals looking for a job change, and the entrepreneurs looking to make a change in this direction. 

The course is fully online mode, with live lectures and doubt clearing sessions and it includes 10 modules for the 60+ learning hour. The course includes 20 assignments in total and it also includes assessments after completion of each module, based on which you will be provided with a global certificate.

Who can attend? 

  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to set up their industry or startup related to EV. 

  • Graduates or postgraduates looking to improve their resume and land a job in EV. 

  • Professionals who are looking for a job change.


EV Operating Cost and Infra Challenges-

Perform basic calculations pertaining to various challenges faced by the industry in terms of - cost, charging, battery pack size, etc. to understand the on-ground scenarios. These will be accompanied by market data and studies to give a wider perspective and view into the industry. 

HEV Architecture - 

Various hybrid vehicle architecture and their significance with respect to the market demands. Comparison study of BMW i8, BMW i3, Toyota Prius, and Hyundai Nexon to understand the suitable source of energy as well as a brief look into the F1 Hybrid Setup and how it has revolutionized the hybrid powertrain. 

Importance of Design in EV- 

Comparative study of EV cars already existing in the market and how the design has played a significant role in performance and efficiency improvement. 

Why Single Speed Gearbox? 

The significance of having a single-speed gearbox in EV as compared to a multi-speed gearbox/ transmission in traditional gasoline engine vehicles. Moreover, understanding why some manufacturers opted for multi-speed gearbox in EV, the performance difference experienced. 

Motor Selection Calculation - 

Perform the calculation for selection of motor and gearbox for 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler EV for the products already existing in the market, defining the design criteria and references based on consumer requirements. 

Energy Consumption Calculation - 

The calculation for Energy consumption for a given selected powertrain. This calculation will help in calculating the battery pack size as per the range desired.

Recommended Background - 

Entrepreneurs who would like to set up a new industry

Graduates or postgraduates from Engineering Background who want to make their career in EV Domain and want to add on some skills in their resume.

Program outcomes
  • Electric Vehicle evolution with time

  • EV market study and policies.

  • Various EV Architecture based on application.

  • Calculation for powertrain component selection.

  • Motor types available and selection based on performance criteria

  • Motor Design Parameters and Simulation

  • Energy Consumption of Motor

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity


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Ashutosh Kumar - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Very helpful course. Value for money. Learnt many new things and industry related skills related to motor design.

ujjwal tyagi - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. This course is worth taking.

AMOL SONAWANE - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

A great course to chose.. I gained all the required knowledge about the motor and its industrial aspects

Ravichandran C. - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

This course has been very useful. The course was completely Live and the trainers were really experienced and able to clear the doubts and queries. Initially when I started I had a basic idea of electric vehicle and powertrain and motors, and I joined in interest to learn about Motor Design. After joining I got to learn more about what gearbox to use with which motor. How these motors have different output graphs and how to design a desired motor and magnet placements etc.

Riti Aggarwal - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Worth of money. Great efforts from the experts to make this course.

Budh Preet Arora - Fri, 14-May-2021

As a student i really enjoyed this course, professor taught us very nicely and concept was so clear and it was easy to understand.

Akky Reddy - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

I found out this program has uniqueness that you will not found out anywhere else.

Avik Chaudhary - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

Thank you for your excellent service and staffing your company with an excellent professor.

Abhi sharma - Fri, 14-May-2021

I opted this course from ISIEINDIA & It was very effective. Thank you team!

Ayan Sharma - Wed, 28-Apr-2021

The courses which ISIEINDIA providing is quantitatively intensive and provides the student with excellent quantitative basics & in depth knowledge of their selective courses.

Vishu Anna - Fri, 14-May-2021

Best course I have ever done. Great efforts from the experts to make this course a handy one.

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