Industrial Training on EV Design is one of the best training programs to learn about Electric Vehicles. The program is a complete package of Electric Vehicle Technology. ISIEINDIA | Ev design, electric vehicle design summer training,industrial training on electric vehicle design

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Industrial Training on EV Design is one of the best training programs to learn about Electric Vehicles. The program is a complete package of Electric Vehicle Technology. The program will give you a professional-level understanding of technologies, optimization techniques, Case studies. It’s one of the best programs for students and Academicians to learn and have upgraded stat in EV technology.

This course on Electric/Hybrid/fuel cell Vehicles specially designed program by a team of experts led by an ISIEINDIA technical committee (300+ Professional Member from Indian and Global OEM i.e. M& M, TATA Motors, Renault, TVS, etc.). Brought to you by ISIEINDIA e-learning platform a leading online learning platform for EVs popular in India and South Asia. ISIEINDIA is a leading E-mobility platform for professionals, Engineers, Academicians, and Students.

What you will learn:

• Study of the architecture of EV Design

• EV Setup and Power fellow

• Vehicle Dynamics

• Electric Machines & Selection of Motor and controller for EV /HEV

• Component Sizing and Integration

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• Battery and BMS Design

Program outcomes
  • You will be learning about complete EV architecture.

  • You will get to know about complete concept of Electric Vehicle Drive Train.

  • Understanding of Vehicle Dynamics along with calculations.

  • Case Study

  • You will learn concept of designing Lithium Battery Pack

  • You will be able to calculate and select components for EV Powertrain.

  • Mathematical Modelling of Battery Pack

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Interest in electric vehicle, solar vehicle and future mobility.


  • 38 Lessons
  • 12:08:08 Hours
  • Introduction to EV00:10:00
  • Introduction to HEV00:40:00
  • Types of HEV- Plug-In HYBRID00:13:00
  • Types of HEV- SERIES HYBRID00:11:00
  • Types of HEV- Parallel HYBRID00:12:00
  • Case Study(Green Credentials and Peugeot Hybrid Air)00:20:00
  • EV/HEV Setup00:13:00
  • Energy Sources00:14:00
  • Power/Energy Flow in HEV00:15:00
  • Case Study(Battery Setup in various vehicles) 00:10:00
  • Vehicle System Modelling and Drive Cycle Simulation using Ricardo Ignite00:20:00
  • Introduction to Chassis00:13:00
  • Factor affecting chassis and machining00:16:00
  • Calculation on chassis CG & reactive forces00:08:00
  • Structural Analysis of Frame00:14:00
  • Automotive Materials00:18:00
  • Ergonomics00:16:00
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics00:10:00
  • Prototyping00:13:00
  • Tire Formula00:00:08
  • Wheel & load distribution with wheel dynamics00:16:00
  • SAE Tyre axis system00:12:00
  • History & Manufacturing of tire materials00:15:00
  • Tire Designation00:08:00
  • Rim material and manufacturing00:09:00
  • Tire Modelling Using SolidWorks00:15:00
  • Prerequisite for Chassis Design- SolidWorks User Interface 00:15:00
  • Chassis Design and Dynamics00:21:00
  • Validation of Automotive Chassis & Dynamics (Analysis)00:45:00
  • Motor & Controller for EV 01:14:00
  • Li-Ion Battery for EV (Parameter)00:30:00
  • Calculation for Battery ( Motor Selection, Voltage , WLTP, Capacity & Configuration)00:30:00
  • Sensors and Telemetry of Battery Pack00:32:00
  • Data Validation and Cooling System 00:30:00
  • BMS & Battery Pack Integration 00:45:00
  • Cell Balancing00:45:00
  • Assessment 1
  • Mini Project : Designing and Simulation of Roll Cage of Electrical Vehicle

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Mr. ravi Sharma - Wed, 24-Jun-2020

Good program .. I recommend

Karthik chary Vanapanagari - Fri, 14-Aug-2020

Wrost proper planning and just uploaded the doubts sessions and team also very wrost and after completion of course just received the computer generated course which is just a copy seems to be not useful at all...............and the way of presentation in videos also too worse just it was like reading presentations displayed on screen that's it nothing more..........hahahaha even I have given 1 rating out of is taking itself as a 4 star rating.....very very wrost course training

Upkar . - Tue, 09-Feb-2021

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