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How to make a career in EV Automotive Sector? Which kind of Skillsets is required? These types of questions may arise in your mind. Hence, this program 'Electric Vehicle Engineering with Placements' is made to generate the required set of skills along with Industry exposure.

E-vehicle's industry to create 10 million jobs in future: Business Today

The government had initiated the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan in the year 2013 intending to put 6-7 million electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2020 and committed to achieving 30% E-mobility in the country by 2030.

India has chalked a plan to aid its electric mobility mission by creating a specialized workforce. The blueprint aims at generating 10 million jobs. The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is in the process of preparing the program to provide adequate manpower to the electric mobility industry.

Lack of engineering talent in the EV sector- Report

BNEF predicts that over the next two decades, worldwide electric vehicle sales will rise from 2 million last year to 56 million by 2040. Electric cars will soon overtake ICE cars as EVs are close to matching the cost of gasoline and diesel-powered cars and are even cheaper to operate.

Closer home, the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 projects sale of 6-7 million electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2020, also plans to set up capacity for generating 175 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy by 2022.

To boost the transition towards e-mobility, Niti Aayog proposed that three-wheelers sold after 2023 and two-wheelers sold after 2025 in India, should be electric.

The kind of skills and talent the industry is looking for

As per the Automotive Mission Plan 2026, the automotive sector could soon become one of the largest job-creating industries by creating an additional 65 million jobs.

The skills and talent needed for these jobs are rapidly evolving as the industry is increasingly moving towards automation and digitization. The auto sector is looking for mobility engineers, material scientists, top tech talent in Model-Based Development, advance software study, Embedded System, Smart Mobility, New Battery Technology, Electric Powertrain design artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, data science, and analytics.

Program Overview:

  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Number of Subject: 6 (Electric Vehicle Design, EV /HEV Power Train / EV Energy Storage & Battery Management System, Embedded System, and On-Board Computer, Charging Station and Infra Development and Machine Learning & Data Science - Its Application to EV)
  • Industrial Internship: 6 Months
  • Online Study: (5 Subjects, 100 Hours learning Module)
  • Projects: 5 Mini Projects & 1 Major Project (Live Project)
  • Case Study: 20 + Case Studies
  • Research Paper: 5 (Five) Publication free of Cost
  • Assessments: 7 Assessments

This is the Best EV Certification online Program will provide your complete package of learning and develop skills as per Industry requirements. The program itself gives you placement / JOT / Internship assurance.

The program includes Electric Vehicle Design with advanced and trending automotive software, Electric Vehicle Powertrain Design; Automotive Electronics, Automotive Embedded system, On-Board Computer for Vehicle, Energy Management, Li-ion Battery System, Battery Management System, Charging System, etc. that will provide a dynamic academic program inclusive of Software, Model-Based Development, Case Study minor projects along with hands-on experience in Electric / Hybrid vehicle Domain. The program imparts practical application of skills in the field of electric vehicle engineering. It provides hands-on experience through practical learning and Case Study.

Student can apply for an internship in the following companies after online course completion:

Payment Options: 

(Net Banking/ Debit Card / Credit Card /UPI / QR /Wallet /Pay Later (ICICI Bank) /EMI -Options  (Debit/Credit Card) )


  •  12 Months No Cost EMI 
  • Earn INR 2500 Cash Back on every Referral registration. 
  • assured Placement Opportunity for Candidates. 


  • Pursing M.Tech / B.Tech / Diploma in ME/AUTO / EEE/ ECE / ECM etc. 
  • Candidates Who is completed their B.Tech / M.Tech and Looking for Career in EV Sector. 
  • Engineers who is looking to improve Knowledge and Add value in their CV. 
  • Academicians / Researchers / Professionals 


  • For all 5 Subjects, Certification and Assessment will be done by ASDC ( Skill India -Govt. India). 
  • Certificate of Achievement will be jointly issued by SMEV, MNRE (GOI), and ISIEINDIA

Schedule of the Program:

S.NoParticulars Batch -1Batch -2
1.Starting Date 20-Nov-202005-01-2021
2.Completion date 31-03-202130-06-2021
3.Evaluation / Exam / Report Submission April 2021June 2021
4. Live Project / Internship July 2021-Dec 2021July 2021-Dec 2021

Program outcomes
  • Certified Diploma In Electric Vehicle for Career at E-Mobility Sector

  • Leaning about Vehicle Architecture, Setup, Block Diagram , Energy Fellow for EV .

  • Learn how to Simulating vehicle setup on Mat lab simulink using Powertrain block setup.

  • Learn Power Train Design and Development

  • Vehicle Dynamics that include Steering, Braking, Steering Selection norms and calculation, Wheel dynamics and Suspension system.

  • How to Developing a Monocoque Chassis in CAD.

  • Learn Design and analysis of Chassis with Case Study

  • Learn Codes and Standards for EV design and development.

  • How to choose different component , i.e. selection of right motor, Converter , Charging System, Drive Train , Controllers etc.

  • How does size and type of components effecting the performance of Vehicle.

  • Battery Management System, Energy Management Control Strategies and Power Electronics.

  • How NOT to, and how to build/select a right Battery pack for an EV/HEV

  • Mathematical Modelling, Thermal Analysis etc.

  • Improve Vehicle Performance and Fuel/Energy Consumption

  • Automotive Embedded System Applications with Mini Project and Case Studies

  • EV Charging Station Technologies

  • On Board Computer for Electric Vehicle

  • Mini Projects and Case Study for Practical Learning on EV and HEV

  • Assessments will give direction to improve and analysis of learning

  • Industrial Internship with Live Project

  • After Complication of this program you will be the certified Diploma in Electric Vehicle

  • Seeking Career Opportunity in E-Mobility
  • Basic Knowledge of Mechanical / Electrical Subjects
  • Basic Knowledge of CAD / CAE Software
  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Looking for Professional Level Skills in EV Technologies


  • 39 Lessons
  • 60:59:00 Hours
  • Unit 1: Introduction and Basics of EV and HEV01:55:00
  • Unit 2: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain00:52:00
  • Unit 3: Charging System and Its Technologies00:58:00
  • Unit 4: Prospect And Reality Of EV’s01:10:00
  • Unit 5: Chassis & Dynamics 02:33:00
  • Unit 6: Steering & its Mechanism 01:56:00
  • Unit 7 - Suspension Design 01:26:00
  • Unit -8 Braking Dynamics01:11:00
  • Unit-9 Tire & Its Features 01:24:00
  • Unit-10 Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering - CAE 01:08:00
  • Unit-11 Introduction to Computer Aided Design -CAD 01:16:00
  • Unit -12 Chassis Design and Simulation03:06:00
  • Unit 13- Codes and Standards for Electric Vehicle in India01:10:00
  • Project -1 Case Study -Student formula Design00:50:00
  • Research Paper
  • Mini Project -1
  • Unit 1: Inside Hybrid and Electric Vehicles03:23:00
  • Unit 2: Simulating Vehicle Setup Using Simulink 01:14:00
  • Unit 3: Electric Machines & Selection of Motor and controller for EV /HEV 00:00:00
  • Unit 4: Component Sizing and Integration04:26:00
  • Unit 5: Design & Optimization of Drivetrain 02:16:00
  • Unit 6: Energy Management Control Strategies of HEV 01:04:00
  • Unit 7: Foundations of Power Electronics, Conditioning and Filtering 01:41:00
  • Mini Project -2
  • Research Paper Writing
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Energy Storage System02:00:00
  • Unit-2 : Energy storage systems 02:00:00
  • Unit 3:- Design and Chemistry of batteries 02:00:00
  • Unit-4 Concept and Calculation for Lithium Battery and BMS - Design and Chemistry of batteries02:00:00
  • Unit 5: Essentials of Lithium Battery Systems02:00:00
  • Unit-6: Future Prospects of Batteries02:00:00
  • Unit 7 : Capacitors01:30:00
  • Unit 8: Energy Management Control Strategies of HEV01:30:00
  • Unit 1: Electronics Typologies01:30:00
  • Unit 2: Python01:30:00
  • Unit : 3 Machine learning Theory02:00:00
  • Unit 4: Regression Algorithms02:00:00
  • Unit 5: Deep learning02:00:00
  • Unit 5: On Board Computer 02:00:00

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