Vision Quest Episode 2 – How to maintain regulatory standards for technology when developing EVs

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As the world is rapidly shifting toward E – Mobility, there is a need to create sustainable development of skills for students, academicians, and industry professionals to match the EV industry demand and fulfil their requirements. Vision Quest is an initiative by ISIEINDIA to make awareness, create sustainable skill development and make a way forward for Electric Mobility. The guests from Sector Skill Council, Stakeholders from Automobile Industries, Academia, and Research, CEOs, Managing Directors, Vice-Chancellors, Pro Chancellors, Industry Experts, Researchers, Leaders were invited for the panel discussion on various topics related to the Electric Mobility to encourage and foster the learning, inspiration, productive result of engineers and entrepreneurs towards E-Mobility

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In Vision Quest Episode 2 - How to maintain regulatory standards for technology when developing EVs

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About Vision Quest Episode 1 - Electric Mobility is Rising Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?

Vision Quest – Episode 2 on How to maintain rgulatory standards for technology for developing EVs’ was held on 7th, May 2022 in the presence of eminent speakers from various universities across India

Episode 2 was honored to have esteemed guests, Mr. Shreshth Mishra (Co-Founder, Simple Energy) Mr. Ashish Gupta (Managing Director & CEO, Stefen Electric Pvt. Ltd.), Prof. B.S Satyanarayana (Vice Chancellor, C.V Raman Global University), Prof. (Dr.) Tabrez Ahmad (Vice Chancellor, GD Goenka), Prof. SS Prasada Rao (Director, Sharda University), Mr. Kavan Raval (Chief Strategic Sales and Partnership Officer, Earth Energy EV), Mr. Anish Sharma (New Product Quality – Charging Infra, Ather Energy) in the panel discussion.

Starting with the introduction to program, Moderator of the event said that World is moving towards Electric Mobility, India’s automotive industry is the 5th largest in the world and visions to 3rd largest by 2030. Moving towards E-Mobility fuels are getting reduced and in order to address this policy people are developing mobility options, they believe in philosophy of shared connected and electric and having ambitious target. It becomes very important to have the role of at the place safety and regulatory options.

Further in the discussion, Mr. Shreshth Mishra talked about what improvements can be made in the EV policies, so talking about country like India where the temperature varies from 0 degree C to 50 degree C, so we just can’t parachute the product to the country and start selling, riles and standards needs to be stringent and the procedure of testing the vehicle needs to be most stringent

Moving towards Mr. Ashish Gupta talked about the charging infrastructure, as the charging infrastructure is been promoted by government, so are there any standards framed with respect to charging connectors and ports should be there, he highlighted India is fastest growing market, adhering to IC621 Standard for the safety and AS156 is very phenomenal standard. The standard resembles the actual condition of operation of vehicle in the market, Testing should be closely monitored. Anti-propagation test should be included. Complete procedure should need to be follow very carefully and we can definitely look completely electric by 2030.

Further in the discussion with Mr. Anish Sharma regarding the batter management systems, as the people are really not considerate to launch their product in the market, so they need to focus on the standards that are meant to be followed while designing battery, vehicles and also the charging stations.

Moving towards Mr. Kavan Raval, put some light on need of standardization and regulation in case of safety and security in EV prospective which includes personal products and charging infrastructure as well, so the need is here to treat vehicle as the product, adding to it we should inform the customers how to use the batteries, what precautions should be taken, we can incorporate shock senses, majorly safety protocols need to be followed.

Further in the discussion with Prof. B.S Satyanarayana on what are the obstacles in making regulatory standards for technology in context with development to EVs, he added the overview of the system and design thinking is the mandatory so for this project-based learning, hands on training not just the learning one cannot lean swimming just by reading books. It is very critical to well establish these standards and it has to be brought in through education. We need to start developing head of the curve, doing research and developing and giving students hands on the activities as we will be the maximum utilizer of this product.

Moving towards Prof. SS Prasada Rao, added some of his observations, the govt has started supporting E Vehicles for the last 10-15 years and so much of research is going to happen, recently several incidents have happened and reported to govt as well. Safety is the utmost priority so the industries need to follow that

Our esteemed guests in this episode 2, our guests exchanged their thoughts and discussed the Indian ecosystem for Electric Vehicles Safety. It was also focused to identify and implement the outcomes in the ecosystem through the discussion


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