Centre of Excellence for E-mobility Research and Skill Development

ISIEINDIA is establishing Centre of Excellence for E-Mobility in association with SMEV (Society Of Manufacturers Of Electric Vehicles), MG Motors India (Morris Garage), Hero Electric, Ansys Inc. and Speedways Electric. We are establishing 100+ COEs across Institute, University, Organization and Industry in Asia by 2025.

The Centre of Excellence for EVs will create a ecosystem for Sustainable Mobility Solution. It’s an unique facility by ISIEINDIA in association with Industry, Academia for Research, Innovation, Skill development and Incubation.

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Objective of Centre Of Excellence for E-Mobility

1. To Create an Ecosystem for Research, Innovation, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship for Green Mobility.

2. Research & Development on Electric & Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

3. To provide a thorough practical-oriented learning experience.

4. To Create Interest of Engineering students and Professionals toward New and Renewable Energy Project.

5. To create a strong association of expertise with a variety of experiences to exchange knowledge and ideas.

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Benefits of Centre Of Excellence for E-Mobility

1. Provision to Quality Education with Industry Oriented Skills

2. Association with Wide Network of Industry Experts

3. Project-based Learning for Electric Vehicle Engineering

4. Consistency in Research, Innovation and Industry Oriented Skills for Sustainable Mobility

5. Association with Various Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist to create many young entrepreneurs for Atam Nirbhar Bharat

What is the need of CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE ?

As a National E-Mobility Mission 2020, there is faster adaption and manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India. This is a green initiative of Gov. of India to contribute towards reducing pollution & technology development in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. It also aims to achieve national energy security, mitigation of the adverse impact of vehicles on the environment, and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities. Now, if we consider the future needs of EV/HEV Vehicles, students and researchers must have a visible approach towards E-mobility and innovations. Students should be trained and must have knowledge of industry requirements. With the government promoting electric vehicles, the automobile industry will be in need of skilled manpower in this sector. The research parameters for E-Mobility viz. Battery, Motor, Power Electronics, Chargers, and Simulation. We believe that the research is more successful when its results are directly proportional to end-users. Through this Centre of Excellence for E-Mobility, we are intending you to understand challenges in various areas of E-Mobility and Work upon the solutions. Thus Centre of Excellence for E-Mobility in EV/HEV will provide the interface to work on different aspects of EV/HEV. This will provide more visibility to learning and approach towards the research activities.


Why Centre of Excellence ?

This facility will have multiple setups like EV Drivetrain, Hybrid Drivetrain with three models (Series, Parallel & Combined), Li-Ion Battery Prototyping Setup, Automotive Sensors, Mock Setup of EV, Mock Setup of Battery/BMS and many other. These are design in such a way that a person can do the experiments and research work on every setup.
This setup is only established by ISIEINDIA in India and we have started establishing it at various places like Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Karnataka and others are in under discussion.
This unique facility is going to be established under Dakshata and under it we can conduct many programs.

Utilization Of Centre Of Excellence

3 Semester Specialization Program

During their 3rd year in B.E/ B.Tech, the students have the opportunity to pursue the specialization course in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. In which ISIE will train 2 Subjects and Lab in their consecutive 5th and 6th Semester and Industrial Internship / Live Project in their 7th or 8th Semester. Through this ISIE will train approx. 18- 24 Credit program that can be treated as part of Curriculum or Honor in their degree Specialization in Electric, Hybrid Vehicle.

Collaborative Degree Program – Specialization in EV

In this Model students from the very first Semester will have 2 Theory subjects along with their practical lab, Minor Project, Research Paper in each semester. This is called as collaborative B.Tech /M.Tech Specialization in Electric / Hybrid Vehicles.
We have great flexibility as well as standard model that can fulfil the requirement of Industry and Institute.

Certificate Training Program (ASDC Certified)

These are the long-term training program that will have the certification from ASDC. We have ASDC
certified module that can be run in Center of Excellence with Hands-on Training.
• EV Design & Development
• Electric Vehicle Powertrain
• Electric Vehicle Battery Management System
• Automotive Embedded System & Software Development
• EV Charging & Infrastructure Engineering

Other Non-QP’s Certified by ASDC

These are the short-term training program with the duration of 3/5/7/10/15/30/45 Days. These programs will be open for everyone and it will not be limited to one area. It will be of multiple domains but according to the ASDC guidelines.
Some of them are listed below:

1. 4 W Electric Vehicle Business Development Program
2. Business model for EV Charging Station
3. EV Design & Development
4. Prototyping of EV
5. Intelligent Transport System
6. Vehicle Networking & Diagnosis
7. 2 & 3 W Assembly Plant & Business Model
We are not limited to these, it can be changed and customized as per the requirement.

QP’s Programs by ASDC

This is the exclusive program that can be organized under Centre of Excellence and in association with Dakshata. Through this facility we can organize many QP’s and we can work on multiple job roles mentioned by ASDC.
Our Course Structure satisfying various job roles are as follows:

1.EV Design Engineer 2.EV Test Engineer 3.EV Battery Engineer 4.EV Technician
5.EV Engineer for – IOT, AI, Data Science, intelligent Transport, Homologation, Embedded,
Power Electronics, Vehicle Networking
6.Control System Design Engineer 7.Battery Test / Design Engineer 8.Project Manager – EV Charging, Sales, Testing, Audit 9.Charging Infra Setup – Manager 10.Electric Drive Engineer 11.Harness (LV/HV) Design Engineer 12.Powertrain Engineer 13.Thermal Engineer 14. Vehicle Diagnosis Engineer

Chairman AICTE and Industry Leaders Launched Centre Of Excellence for E-mobility Research and Skill Development by ISIEINDIA


Prof. (Dr.) Anil D Sahasrabudhe
(Chairman, AICTE)

Nikunj Sanghi

Mr. Nikunj Sanghi
(Chairman, ASDC)


Mr. Sohinder Gill
(CEO, Hero Electric & DG, SMEV)


Mr. Yash Yadav
(Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, MG Motors India)


Mr. Shitalkumar Joshi
(Technical Director, ANSYS India)


Mr. Dhianu Das
(Co-Founder, Agility Venture)

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