3 days program of certified hands-on training workshop for Ready Engineer and students organized by MASSIA and Tata Technologies under its CSR Initiative 'Ready Engineer’

In a groundbreaking initiative to foster technical excellence and embrace the future of automotive engineering, the Motor and Automobile Students Society of India (MASSIA) has partnered with Tata Technologies to organize a three-day certified hands-on training workshop. This workshop, held under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) umbrella of Tata Technologies, is titled ‘Ready Engineer’ and is specifically designed for professors and students of the 2023-24 batch.

Day 1: Electrifying Start to Understanding Electric Vehicles

The first day of the workshop kicked off with an introduction to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Participants delved into the intricacies of automobiles, comparing Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) with their electric counterparts. The advantages and disadvantages of EVs were thoroughly explored, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding

The focus then shifted to the heart of electric vehicles—the motors. Attendees were immersed in the architecture of EV motors, gaining insights into various types and their working principles. The day’s highlight was the hands-on practical session, where participants engaged with a motor workbench. They were guided through the components, specifications, and intricacies of motor construction. Practical exercises included efficiency tests, RPM tests, and discussions on the latest technological innovations in the 2-wheeler segment.

Day 2: Powering Up Knowledge with Battery Technology

Day 2 was dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of battery technology. Theoretical sessions covered the different types of batteries, with a specific focus on Li-ion cells. The intricacies of battery pack calculations, understanding battery failures, and safety measures were thoroughly discussed.

Practical sessions brought theory to life, as participants engaged with battery pack setups on training workbenches. Emphasis was placed on Battery Management Systems (BMS) and their role in ensuring the optimal performance and safety of EVs. Participants worked hands-on with BMS units, exploring the types and applications of both traditional and Bluetooth-enabled systems.

Day 3: Retrofitting for the Future

The final day of the workshop concentrated on retrofitting components and practical applications. Attendees delved into the complexities of retrofitting, understanding loss components, and honing their skills in calculations. The hands-on sessions involved the assembly and disassembly of components, emphasizing the practical aspects of fitting various elements into the electric drivetrain

The afternoon sessions focused on 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler practicals, where participants engaged in the assembly and disassembly of components. The wiring, color-coding, and fitting processes were meticulously explored, allowing participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the practical aspects of electric vehicle engineering

Empowering Tomorrow’s Engineers

The ‘Ready Engineer’ workshop successfully bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, providing a unique opportunity for professors and students to delve into the world of electric vehicles. The collaboration between MASSIA and Tata Technologies has set a new standard for hands-on training initiatives, ensuring that the future engineers of 2023-24 are well-equipped to navigate the exciting and evolving field of electric vehicle technology.